About Us


Kolkata Gives Foundation is based around a simple idea. Willing donors often do not know of credible NGOs. Credible NGOs often do not know prospective donors. At Kolkata Gives, we connect the two.Simple.

Kolkata Gives Foundation is a charitable trust fund that was created to provide a source of financial assistance and provide for various capacity building workshops for NGOs

This is how we connect the haves and the have nots…

  1. We champion the cause of philanthropy, generosity and giving through print and social media
  2. We organize an annual event that brings donors and NGOs under a common roof
  3. We showcase the work of deserving NGOs across diverse media and events
  4. We assist deserving NGOs in climbing to the next level through the power of networking, management insights and fund raising
  5. We conduct workshops and programmes that enhance NGO capability
  6. We play the role of ambassadors for the shortlisted NGOs and the causes they represent

These are the causes that we back…

  • Causes that are largely underaddressed
  • Causes that need support and evangelism
  • Causes that will get increasingly relevant
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