Contribute a sari,enrich a lif

Kolkata Gives engaged in an unusual initiative in August; it mobilized a collection of 70 saris from Saurav Chatterjee,Kolkata Gives well-wisher,for onward donation to a needy NGO. Kolkata Gives suggested Ishwar Sankalpa as a beneficiary. The result was that Kolkata Gives did not just give the saris out as would have been the usual response; it requested prominent photographer Vivek Das to provide his services pro bono; it reached out to beauticianstylist Ishrat Ansar to provide her services free. The result was an unforgettable morning: the mental health patients residing at the NGO were ‘shot’ in attractive saris and beaming like a million dollars. A facebook post resulted in 358 shares and the kick-start of a wider sari movement; nearly 40 women became part of a whatsapp group to mobilise saris in quick time. As the movement widened, Kolkata Gives extended this initiative for the benefit of women rag pickers of Tiljala, Topsia and Narke ldanga. Some 120 saris were provided through a similar engagement; this time the photographer was Suvomoy Mitra, the beautician-stylist Ishrat Ansar and donation of earings from Anoushka Mohta and on-site stylist by Shruti Mohta.

Diabetes check-up for children of Samaritan Help Mission

Ms. Devanshi Agrawal, daughter of Kolkata Gives supporter Mr. Navneet Agarwal,conducted a Diabetes Detection Camp at Samaritan Help Mission.The test was conducted across 250 children.This test was conducted in response to a growing incidence of diabetes among children.