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Kolkata Gives. Kolkata’s unique philanthropy event. Kolkata Gives connects donors with NGOs under one roof. Attracting all kinds of donors. Those with large cheques to write, those with reasonable amounts and those with precious small contributions.Kolkata Gives connects these donors with diverse NGOs. NGOs whose credibility has been appraised. NGOs that can be trusted. NGOs working in critical under-addressed areas (education, child trafficking, health care, hygiene, livelihood training, animal welfare, disability, environment and gender rights).

Kolkata Gives’ objective is to make every rupee, every initiative and every individual count.

Kolkata Gives was started in 2013 with a simple objective: connect prospective donors with willing NGOs. Because willing donors often did not know of credible NGOs- and vice versa. In so doing, Kolkata Gives did not merely connect the haves with the have-nots. It championed the cause of generosity.