Antara has been engaged in extending treatment, care and rehabilitation to people affected with mental illness, addiction and alcoholism. It operates four satellite clinics in remote areas where no mental health facilitates exists. Antara caters to destitute, wondering, homelessness, neglected and vulnerable people. They are accommodated the taken care of – for free.

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Anwesha Kolkata, a parent-led organisation founded in 2004, works with individuals who hard of hearing. Anwesha has been actively involved in delivering essential services and networking for inclusion. Anwesha believes that hearing impaired children must grow up in an inclusive environment with other children and enjoy rights as others.

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Autism Society West Bengal

Autism Society West Bengal (ASWB) is a non-profit parent initiated organisation championing the right of individuals with autism spectrum disorder. ASWB advocate for appropriate services for individuals across their lifespan, and providing information regarding treatment, education, research and advocacy.

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Civilian Welfare Foundation (CWF)

Civilian Welfare Foundation (CWF) has been actively involved in promoting sports among the disabled in our nation. The NGO is in the process of forming several other Paralympics sports’ bodies. CWF aims to take Indian Paralympics sports persons to new heights. CWF has also been working on a project to provide equal healthcare opportunities for transgender individuals.

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Mentaid, is a special school for the mentally challenged. This NGO was established by parents of children with intellectual disabilities. Mentaid is providing services to a great number of families from the lower economic strata of society.

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Pradip Centre for Autism

Pradip Centre for Autism Management is fully involved in awareness, education and research related to autism; it runs special RCI approved courses and CRE programmes on autism. The additional services provided by Pradip: diagnostic assessments, information and advice, parents and family support, behavioural support and adult friendly programmes.

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Premasree provides a residential and educational facility for blind children. The NGO provides training to children in making of bags and candles in addition to training them in computers. Premasree’s agenda is to prove it to the world that blind children can play a meaningful role in the society.

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Remedial Education Assessment Counselling Handicapped (REACH) was founded in October, 1980.  REACH has trained numerous specially-abled children and adults different social strata, from urban and rural regions, from within and outside India so that they can lead independent, productive lives.

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Rehabilitation Centre for Children (RCFC)

Rehabilitation Centre for Children (RCFC) offers comprehensive interdisciplinary services. The NGO’s cerebral palsy clinic offers basic education, pre-vocational training residential care and counselling. RCFC addresses children from West Bengal, Orissa, Jharkhand, Bihar and North East India. The result; numerous children have been empowered, lives transformed and confidence restored.

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Unmish came into being in 2009, it was created with an attribute to counter the long standing prejudice after a child was born with disability within the family. Unmish train parents and family members as well to create a holistic environment that would catalyse child development.  Unmish’s services includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and remedial teaching.

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