Amitie Trust

Amitie Trust was set up to provide a platform for sexual minorities, LGBTHIKQ (Lesbian gay Bisexual Transgender Hijra Intersex Koti and Queer), to articulate their realities and challenges leading to societal integration and respect. The organisation is focussed on the improvement in their life quality and standard; it exists to restore their human rights and dignity. Its vision is a world liberated of exploitation, injustice, stigma and discrimination


Apne Aap

Apne Aap helps marginalized women and girls work collectively to lift themselves out of the sex industry as well as to advocate for policy change to stem the demand for purchased sex. Apne Aap has formed 150 self-empowerment groups in brothels, red light districts, slums, and villages. The organisation helps to transform marginalised girls into change makers so that they can assume control of their destinies and serve as educators to help guide their peers earn dignified livelihood.

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Ashabari was established in 1999 to care for the unwanted, dying destitutes of the streets with compassion and love, which today has about 150 residents. Ashabari rescues the mentally ill from the railway stations and the city’s streets. The centre has a full-time psychiatrist in attendance, helping patients recover.

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ASHARI stands for Animal Shelter cum Hospital And Research Institute. The vision is to help and rescue the reportedly ill or wounded stray animals of the city and aid them. The NGO rescues animals from roads and addresses the chronically ill or immobilised strays. The NGO enjoys a significant advantage: it is the largest animal shelter in Eastern India, spread across 4.4 acres where no animal is denied treatment. The animals are released back to their location once they are fit. This cycle of service has been going on for the last 15 years at PFA Kolkata under the supervision of Smt. Maneka Gandhiji & Ms. Gauri Maulekhiji.

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Association for Social and Environmental Development

Association for Social and Environmental Development aims at raising awareness among the local youth regarding environmental conservation. The organisation undertakes routine afforestation drives, garbage cleaning and composting initiative, studies local plant and animal species, carries out surveys on chemical use in agricultural activities.

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Centre for Contemporary Communication (CCC)

Centre for Contemporary Communication (CCC) organises seminars in schools, colleges and communities focussing on climate change, the importance of growing trees in various community park and the Maidan area of Kolkata. CCC mobilises stakeholders- the primary (residents) and secondary (managers, elected representatives and corporate) to engage in a goal-oriented dialogue and devising organic solutions for Kolkata’s pressing environment concerns.

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Chhaya’s primary activity is managing the canine population of the city by conducting neutering of dogs. The NGO rescues abandoned pets and injured strays follows by their treatment and rehabilitation. Chhaya’s animal hospital is possibly the most modern of its kind in the country. Chhaya also runs a number of rural self-help groups to manufacture consumer products and has created a children’s park in the vicinity of a hospital.

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Dhyan Foundation Kolkata Chapter

Creation like anything else that is orderly rests on certain fundamental laws which cannot be broken, the ‘Law of Karma’ being the foremost. Even the gods are bound by this law and no one is above it.

Service and Charity is the cornerstone of Dhyan Foundation. Animal Welfare forms an integral part of the many initiatives we have undertaken to help aid creation. The volunteers rescue, rehabilitate and take care of any animal in need, and have started dedicated programs for cows, dogs, monkeys and birds.

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Friends of Tribal Society


Friends of Tribal Society (FTS)  has committed itself to the empowerment and social upliftment of the indigenous population of India, by rendering educational and healthcare related services. The flagship campaign of the FTS has been hugely successful ‘One Teach School’ or the Ekal Vidyalaya, which provides non-formal primary education and imparting vocational trainings, echoing the belief that education is the single most important factor ensuring national progress.

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